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Radionuclide inventory assessment
Khursheed consultants Ltd has expertise in the estimation and review of radionuclide inventories associated with radioactive waste. The approach is built upon an understanding of the physical processes that underlie modelling software, and a systematic treatment of uncertainties arising from modelling techniques.


Waste characterisation studies
Khursheed Consultants offers a variety of consultancy services to support radioactive waste characterisation studies, including characterisation of chemical, physical and radiological characteristics and technical writing in a variety of media.


Criticality safety assessment and neutronics
Khursheed Consultants has expertise in the use of the MCNP general purpose radiation transport code, gained through training at Los Alamos, and extensive experience of its use, including using the code to model external dosimetry in complex geometries for medical exposures, shielding and doserate calculations for stored legacy wastes, reviewing criticality and shielding assessments made for facilities in the UK and conducting a criticality safety assessment for used fuel kept in a proposed dry store in the United States.


Radiological advice
Khursheed Consultants can provide in-depth radiological advice on the management of radioactive substances, including modelling environmental releases for radiological consequences, and biokinetic modelling for specific intakes. Khursheed Consultants can provide assessments of the radiological hazard associated with specific waste streams, through the use of standard or bespoke assessment models.


Literature studies
Khursheed Consultants can carry out literature studies, including comparative studies of waste management options and reviews of best practise. Staff have produced a variety of contract reports, including reports that highlight best international practice in the production of safety cases for geological disposal, comparative studies of liquid discharges to the marine environment in European countries, and a literature survey of disposal facilities for deep geological disposal.


Technical writing
Khursheed consultants offer technical writing services, ranging from designing e-learning environments to implementing knowledge management systems.




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